Saturday, February 6, 2016

Love! Love! Love!

Who doesn't love Pinterest?!?! Seriously! When I was growing up, my mom made EVERY holiday special. We made crafts and decorations for each one. I can even remember making decorations for Presidents Day.

So now that Little Man Payne is at the age where he notices everything and on the verge of walking and talking, I am having this overwhelming desire to do the same in my home as my mother did for my brother and I.

In comes Pinterest! Not sure how my mom did it without Pinterest. I guess she is just that creative. (Actually, she really is just that creative - you should see her card-making skills. She has Hallmark beat!)

This morning while the little guy was down for his nap, I hopped on Pinterest and VOILA! With a link, card stock, twine and scissors I have a Valentine's Day wreath for my front door and Valentine's Day banner over my kitchen window.

The wreath was made with a FREE printable from the talented Kim on Today's Creative Life via Over the Moon.

The banner was made with a FREE printable from yet another very talented Kim at The TomKat Studio via the HGTV Blog